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CTS Flange Features & Benefits

CTS Flanges Won’t Let you Down

  • Suitable for all brass companion flange applications.
  • No cracking or warping due to overheating, or cooling too rapidly.
  • Heating and cooling time reduced.
  • Adjustable rotating flange, eliminating 2 holing.
  • Save money on gases and solder.
  • Copper component is 99.9% copper eliminating any lead issues.
  • Burst pressure for 2″ – 6″ is 1000PSI. Tested.
  • Temperature range is -66F to 272F.
  • Applications include all butterfly and flanged gate valve installations, along with pumps, boilers, chillers,backflow devices.
  • No extra costs. Such as dielectric insulators. Available in 150LB, 300LB, and rolled groove.
  • 100% Electrolysis Protection with copper to steel, cast connection
  • The fast and easy way to connect copper tube to flanged valves & equipment.
  • The backing flange rotates after brazing/soldering is completed.
  • As easy as bend or tee to connect.
  • No bolt insulation kits required.
  • Save time, Save Money.
  • Sizes 2″ through to 6″

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