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Home of the Original 100% Electrolysis Protection Flange

CTS Flange Unique Electrolysis Protection

The CTS Copper Flange is an innovative, labour saving and inexpensive method of making anti-electrolysis flange connections whenever using copper tube.

CTS Flange has been supplying flanges to plumbing wholesalers across Canada since 1997. Warehoused in Maple Ridge, British Columbia, CTS Flange is proud to be a supplier of high quality flange products for major industrial, commercial and civic plumbing projects.

Available at all established plumbing wholesalers across Canada.

CTS Flange Copper

Why choose CTS Flange

Flange fittings are a necessary evil for the industrial plumber.

Without them, the connection of lines and plant equipment such as chillers, filters, control valves and backflow preventers are a nightmare – especially if ready access is unavailable for installation or maintenance. An easier way of fitting flanged equipment is always welcome…

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